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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I am what I am doctor, you ain't gotta love me

I am finally on the mend from being stupidly sick and being really stupid about getting enough rest to recover. When I should have been home sleeping all weekend, I was running around like a crazy person to boot camp classes, brunches, parties, dinners and drinks.

I've been in a funk and I know I've been in a funk, so I've been working on keeping myself so busy I can't dwell on my funk. And hoping that surrounding myself often enough with the people that I care about will get me OUT of my funk. All of my endeavors appears to be working. I've found my smile again (shit- could I BE a worse cliche?) and I no longer derive a great deal of satisfaction from wickedly depressing music.

The best parts about the last few weeks of my life:

1. An R.E.M. tribute concert and after party, where I stalked Glen Hansard (in the band The Frames and starred in the movie Once and won an oscar for the song he wrote for it) like a crazy person until he agreed to take a picture with me. After taking the picture, realized his hand was on my boob for the picture. Best picture EVER!

2. Finishing the boot camp class on Sunday where I worked out SO hard that I almost threw up.

3. Ana's engagement party on Saturday night, where I spent a large portion of the evening cuddling with friends on a couch and kissing just about everyone who sat down next to me.

4. Talking to a gentleman one evening that I have been very minimally involved with (all involvement occured under the strong influence of alcohol and when sober, I find him to be mildly repulsive) while he texted another female in his life, whom he admitted to 'playing'. I commended him for being such a fine, upstanding man (sarcastically, of course) and he assured me he would never play this game with me.

"Oh really! Why is that?" I asked him.

"Because you'd just tell me to fuck off and then never see me again," he said.

BEST compliment I've ever been paid.

5. The news of a possible visit in 2 weeks from Mr. 11, who continues to be one of the better things that's happened to me in a long time. I heart him.

6. The realization that I have amazing, amazing friends, that I can admit really fucked up shit to and they will talk me out of my moment of pure crazy and still love me on the other side.

Today's Title from: Forest Whitaker by Brother Ali